Inflammatory aspect of bone pathologies

Project conducted by Marjolaine Gosset and G Rochefort

Our team characterizes the role of inflammatory mediators in bone remodeling and its disturbances in inflammatory pathological context. The role of these mediators in the physiological bone remodeling is studied by phenotyping knockout mice for genes of interest or characterization of their expression and activity in in vivo models of synchronized remodeling and in vitro cultures of osteoblasts/osteoclasts. To understand their role in pathological process, we use mouse models of experimental periodontitis. Our project focuses on the role of two molecules that have recently been involved in inflammatory processes, NAMPT and NLRP3 inflammasome. A second part of our work is to characterize in biological collections and animal models differences in inflammation of periodontium and tissues surrounding implant. Finally, collaborations are established to study the impact of periodontitis on extra-oral inflammatory processes (development of atherosclerotic plaque, a result of the initiation of experimental arthritis). The laboratory is affiliated with the French Society of mineralized tissues Biology (, labeled European Federation of Periodontology ( and supported by the French Society of Rheumatology.